Selling a Home in Santa Clarita Valley

Every year more sellers hire The Neal Weichel Group to sell their home in Santa Clarita than any other agent or team. Here is why...

1. More closed transactions than any other agent every year since 1998. Upon listing, your home is introduced to the largest database of past clients and buyers in Santa Clarita

2. Over 30 years experience and 5000 closed transactions. We take care of our clients.

3. Over 1000 5-Star reviews and a Satisfaction Guarantee. Our goal is for you to be so pleased with our service that you want to leave us a stellar review. We will do whatever we can to make that happen.

4. We are a sales team. Upon listing, thousands of dollars are spent on a social media and digital marketing plan to create immediate exposure to new and existing buyers. Every day we are on the phone calling potential buyers and sellers about your home.

5. We have an in house call team that speaks to every buyer lead immediately. No buyer will ever say “they didn’t call me back”. For buyers, our relationships with other agents is a huge advantage in getting your offer accepted.

6. Dedicated buyer team to show your property. The Neal Weichel Group buyer team is required to know your home and show it as soon as convenient to prospective buyers.

7. In-house attorney and Risk Manager. Once we are in escrow, they protect you and us.

How will a real estate agent help me sell my home?

Successfully selling your home requires expertise in many areas and generally the more experience, the more successful the outcome. Most sellers want to sell their home as quickly as possible but sometimes taking more time can give a better financial result. Every home and every marketing plan is different even if a lot of the basic principles and strategies are similar. Sometimes it appears effortless, but it rarely is. It requires the guidance of a good real estate agent to set the price, prepare the home, and market effectively to attract buyers. Even after that there are inspections, disclosures, loan and appraisal concerns and much more before a successful closing. Once you are ready to get started, your real estate agent will help you:

  • Properly prepare and stage your home
  • Strategically set the price
  • Market your home to buyers
  • Take the time to show the home to prospects
  • Negotiate the best possible selling price
  • Complete all of the required documents to close escrow
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